Theory No. 217 - Just Be Yourself



Theory No. 217 - Just Be Yourself...

I've got to be a bit transparent here. I feel like this is the right platform to do so. The thing is, I've been struggling in this area, you know being myself. A hard pill to swallow, especially at my age. You see year after year, I've set a goal to get this blog off of the ground and to be honest, it's been a struggle. I thought it would be a piece of cake, but in all reality, the blog world has changed so much since the last time I was here, it has been quite difficult for me, to say the least.  

One of my favs wrote a post right after the new year that talked about why a lot of us won't be successful after we start blogging. One of those reasons was falling victim to not being oneself, trying too hard to be like someone else. I think that in life we all fall victim to trying to be like this one and that one and not finding the true value of being authentically ourselves.

Initially, I started this blog with a vision, a rather clear vision of who I was, what I would bring to the table and how I would do it.  I second-guessed myself time after time. I've talked myself into starting just like I've talked myself out of it. 

The reality of it all is that deep down inside, I know exactly what I want. I may not have clear directions on how to get there, but I for damn sure know, the woman that I am, won't stop trying until I arrive. 

(Top: H&M, Skirt: Forever21. Sunnies: Betsy Johnson, Clutch: Louis Vuitton) 

Here's to finding our way friends. Have an AWESOME Monday! 



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