A Major Key to Success


"The key to being successful is to start before you are ready.... "

Have you ever talked yourself out of doing something because you felt like you weren't ready?  Time and time again, telling yourself that you were just not where you need to be or you're going to wait for such and such to happen? 

Like that time you wanted to start living more healthy but you said, well I'll wait until after the birthday party next week or that time you said you wanted to start that business but changed your mind because you're way too busy at that job you hate. 

Let's be honest here. There's always going to be something going on that will make you say, I'll wait. Trust me I know. Truth be told these are all lies that we buy into that keeps us from achieving the very thing we want. The key is to start now... no mater how it looks. Slow progress is progress then no progress. It may be a little messy but progress trumps perfection. 

Every time we hesitate or wait, we are that much further away from what our hearts desire. You will never be truly ready. There will never be a "perfect" time for anything, so why not push through and get it done? It will maybe a mess, but guess what you'll learn from that mess and maybe you'll do a bit better next time.

How about this, commit to doing one task that will get you closer to that goal. Want to get in shape, skip that sugary snack today.  Want to start a blog, write your post or take a photo (you don't have to post yet - just do a little something ), Want to learn a new language, sign up for that class or download that free app. 

Starting now, before you're ready may just show you how ready you really are and get you to your dreams. 

I'm right there with you, taking baby steps , learning as I go. So bookmark this post to come back to when you find yourself hesitating. We're in this together! 

Now that I got that off my chest, how about another look at one of my favorite Target finds by WhoWhatWear.  This printed dress is from last year, it's such a classic and I think they they need to bring this back. If you know anyone over at WWW, encourage them for another version and tell them not to forget the pockets because they are everything!

Happy Humpday Friends and as always thank you for stopping by!   

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