Working Hard or Hardly Working? Goal Setting Tips to Help You Crush Your 2022 Goals!


Did you know that research shows that 43% of people give up on their goals after just 1 month?! If that is correct, 43% of folks have already thrown in the towel. Why do you think that is? 

Well, my theory is this: either there's not enough belief in self or a lack of understanding of how to set goals that are realistic and attainable. Both are good enough reasons for anyone to throw their hands up and get back to the status quo. I can truly relate because truth be told I've been there. However, there's good news where there is a will there is a way. 

Take it from your friendly HR cousin (me), the key to setting goals and reaching them is making them SMART - Specific, Measurable. Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Specific. If you work in Corporate America, you may know all about this, but have you tried this in your personal life?  

Let's dive into each of them

  • Specific - Be specific. When setting a goal, you want to be as specific as possible. That way you can be firm on how to achieve it. When the goals are too broad, we sometimes get lost and not focused enough which throws us off track. The more specific the more focused and easier it will become to plan the path to achieving it. An example would be, "this year I want to lose 20lbs" rather than "this year I want to lose weight". 
  • Measurable - The goal should be measurable, this will allow you to track your progress to ensure you're heading in the right direction. If we use the weight loss example above, we can say, " I want to lose 5 lbs per quarter. This way, there's a specific measurement. 
  • Achievable - Is the goal realistic? First of all, let me say you can do just about anything that you set your mind to. However, if your goal is to lose 10 lbs in a week - is that realistic? To be honest, that's a deadly situation.... Perhaps what is more realistic is 1lb p/week. 
  • Relevant - Is the goal relevant at this time of your life? If your goal is to be a business owner, does this align with where you are in your life at this moment? 
  • Time-Specific - Set a time frame in which you will complete the goal. If we take the weight loss goal, perhaps your goal is to lose 20 lbs this year? When you break that down, that's 5 lbs per/quarter. 

Last year, I followed this formula to achieve my personal fitness goals and I ended up losing over 10lbs while adopting habits that are a part of my life today.  This year, I'm applying this strategy to reach goals for the Polkadot Theory blog and I'm confident that the results will manifest. 

So tell me, do you use this strategy for your personal goals or will you give it a try this year? 

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