Classic Style Staple: A Crisp White Shirt


Whether your style is classic, minimal, trendy, or eclectic, one staple you must have in your closet is a crisp button-down white shirt. No matter the price point, it's sure to be a piece that you'll find to be in heavy rotation. 

The button-down white shirt makes it easy to achieve a pulled-together chic look. My favorite style is oversized. If you're having trouble finding this size, run to your nearest thrift shop and head to the men's section, or better yet, grab your hubby's or boyfriend's. 

Dress it up or down. Here I've paired it with relaxed jeans and heels. Great for a casual dinner date or girls' night. 

So how are you going to style your white button-down? Tag me on IG @polkadottheory!  

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