Changing Room: Let's Get Dressed (Again)!


Is it just me or are we over the idea of walking around in our sweats all day? I used to be one of those people who loved getting dressed up every day for work. But when the pandemic hit and I found myself working from home in my oh-so-comfy loungewear. Needless to say, I quickly got used to the comfort even if it was only from the waist down. But I've got to be honest, I'm over it. I feel like I need a change because I miss the feeling of putting together a stylish outfit. 

Since moving from 100% remote to more of a hybrid schedule, I decided to put forth more effort when getting dressed. Putting together chic and stylish outfits that make me feel good has helped me rediscover my love for fashion and experimenting with different styles.  

Getting dressed doesn't have to be anything fancy or complicated, just something that makes you feel good about yourself. Who knows, it might just be the change you're looking for. 

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