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11.28.2016 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Theory No.: 101 – If you can’t beat them, join them!! 

It’s been four hundred eighty-eight days that I have been simmering in this place. Prior to getting here, I have to admit, I was scared, nervous, anxious, and just didn’t know what to expect. I heard a lot about what it was like to be here. I witnessed those that entered both with reluctance and hesitation and some with pure joy and excitement. Either way, I had no idea what was coming my way, yet I prepped the best that I could – provided myself with hours of self-talk, cried to my friends about the unknown, listened to the wisdom of those with experience, and read perspectives of what it meant to be inducted into the club.

Inspired, comfortable, excited – eh? No, I needed more to get me there. I needed something big, an adventure, something fabulous to usher me into this distinguished club. So, I went even further… I planned a grand celebration, a getaway for myself. I worked out really hard, started a new diet, and enhanced my skincare routine, all to prove to myself that I was ready. I tried to con myself into believing that it was no big deal, but then it happened, and it WAS a big deal… Unable to stall or prevent the inevitable, I woke up in a sea of comfort with the big beautiful Caribbean sun shining through the window, ushering me through the initiation process, thinking to myself, “this is it, I’m 40”!  While going through several emotions throughout this trip, I managed to celebrate with a smile. 

Instead of celebrating my age, I pledged to celebrate my life… 40 years of it. It’s been a long road and I gather there is a lot more road to this journey, including this blog. 

So what does it mean to be 40+ this day and age?? Well, society has several explanations and standards of what it means to be 40+. However, I’ve come to form my own “Theories” about what it means to join and participate in this club… Some of these theories may be good, some may be bad, some may be LOL – hilarious to the readers, and others may be downright absurd. Whatever the response, these theories are all mine and formulated through my life experience (or observations for that matter), wrapped up in the whimsical ladylike pattern that I have come to love… 

Welcome to PolkaDotTheory – a personal lifestyle blog about a woman evolving in midlife. 

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