Keep On Movin - 4 Affordable Brands That Will Rock Your Workout.


Theory No.:003 - When you find your groove, you'll find a way to keep moving...

Growing up I was always slender, under weight some may say. I was the girl that the boys looked away from because I wasn't what was considered "fine". Simply put I was the skinny girl that stood among friends who's bodies developed a lot sooner than mine. I would cry to my mom, who's argument against the adolescent tragedy was "just wait until you're in your 20's, you'll see the benefits in all of this. You'll have the body that these girls have later". While my mom's argument proved to be correct and took me well into my 30's, she didn't advise is what would happen when I reached that mere tipping point in life,  "the 40's".

Like most women approaching the big 4-Oh, I adhered to a diet and fitness plan to ensure that I would be able to flash that confident smile when I coyly confessed my age. I admit, was successful in the first year, but not maintaining seemed to have had its costs - 13 pounds to be exact. 

So sitting at the crossroads of feeling uncomfortable, fed up, and wanting to maintain good health I decided to take on a challenge that consists of putting down the cheesecakes that I've grown to love and partaking in the sweetness of a healthy and fit lifestyle [insert double eye roll here - lol].

Fast forward 3 weeks in.... I must say it is a struggle to go from lack of activity to full on workouts 3-4 times a week. Finding my groove has not been easy. While an expanding waistline and overall good health is my primary motivation, on some days I need just a little more. It's these days that I look to my love of fashion because a great outfit is always good motivation and tends to make a woman (me) smile (even at the gym).

Choices in activewear are rather unlimited, however, I do my best to stick to low-cost, budget-friendly options to kick myself into gear. And for the record, low cost doesn't mean low quality. Here are a few of my favorite go-to labels for fun, functional, good looking activewear.

First up: Fabletics offers up activewear for all sizes and shapes. I love how they help customers choose options based on the type of activity. Also, keep an eye out for a store opening near you. As we're used to seeing Fabletics as an online store, there are many storefronts opening nationwide. Here in Indianapolis, Fabletics will be opening really soon at the Keystone Fashion Mall. Visit their website for a location near you.

While I try my best to avoid Forever 21 - because let's be honest, who wants to be 21 Forever? Lord knows I'm over it. Now if someone creates a Forever 31 we can talk (lol). Seriously, while the store caters to my little niece and her friends, often times women like myself can find great buys there as well. Trust me, I've popped in for deals on everything but I've got to say the activewear is a good option. The cost is reasonable as you would expect and the quality does not disappoint. These mesh panel leggings are not only cute, they are quite functional. Anything that allows a breather during heavy workouts is a must.

My darling Vicki, oh how I loooove thee!! I don't know what they put in the kool-aid, but I drink it heavily. Expanding their brand outside of intimates and swimwear, activewear has been a great product line for VS as well. With a host of not only functional but "Very Sexy" choices, these optiosn would make anyone want to drop and do a burpee or two.  Featured below is the Anytime Legging, which is not only on trend with the cutouts they allow a breathable option for your body to stay cool. 

Last but certainly not least, Old Navy's active wear is not only an affordable option, it brings functionality and motivation to the table. This Good Vibes tank is my favorite, I wore it to the gym yesterday :). It's comfortable and has the Go Dry technology that helps you stay dry during those heavy workouts. Newsflash - 50% off activewear while supplies last (today only)

With all of these fashionable items, who wouldn't stay beasting and killing their fitness game. What are some of the ways you stay motivated and keep moving through your fitness goals?


  1. Really great post! I absolutely love how you describe this experience. It's amazing how fashion and healthy living have evolved into such a beautiful lifestyle. While it's comfortable and uplifting for women, it's just as pleasing for us men at times (disclaimer: there are still some sizes and materials that should be worn with discretion). That all being said, I can't wait to read more about your fit lifestyle experiences.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm glad you enjoyed the post!! - Tren

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