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Theory No.: 691 - It's the little things that tend to have the biggest impact on your heart. 

I don’t know about you guys, but for me it has been a crazy, stressful week and when I have days or weeks that are full of the crazies, I try to step back and think of things that bring joy to my heart. You know the kind of things that makes your spirit smile.

After spending a few moments reflecting on a couple of things, a light bulb came on. I thought why not share the things that I love with the hopes that maybe a few of you can relate or take some time to reflect on some of your favorite things.

So here goes... Welcome to the very first installment of PolkaDotTheory Blog Series called, Fri-Yay Faves!

 1. Sunday Brunch: Mimosa's & Conversations with #Him

2. Long drives with my sidekick, Ms. Michie 

3. Cheeseburgers!!! My go to comfort food. I will be posting the recipe for my ground chicken cheeseburgers soon.
 4. PolkaDots and Pedicures - Lilac was my favorite color this past spring and summer. Looking for new Fall favorites. 

Just a few of my Fri-Yay faves this week! Stay posted for future Fri-Yay Favs as this series continues to evolve. Enjoy your weekend! 

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  1. Great share. I can appreciate how love, food, and fashion puts a smile on your face. And judging from your previous posts, that is a beautiful smile indeed.

    So, to share my FriYay faves.....#1 - by far, Her smile; #2 - Home cooked meals (although that's more of a Sunday fave); #3 - Family time; and #4 - laid back and peaceful weekends....

    Look forward to your next blog!


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