Fri-Yay Faves: Drink, Accessorize, and Eat Your Heart Out!


Well hello there! It has been quite some time since my last post and trust me there has been a good reason for it. Over the last few months, there have been quite a bit of change occurring in my life which brings me to this weeks and a well overdue installment of  Fri-Yay Faves!!

Now one of these life-changing events included another relocation, taking me back to my roots. Well, that's a little dramatic, not my original roots but the place I'm proud to call home - Dallas, Texas!! After being here for a few weeks I was craving some good old cajun food (not originated in the DFW but closer to home than the mid-west). 

1.) Razoo's Cajun Cafe - Not to slight some of the more authentic Cajun/Creole restaurants in the area, I typically opt for this jewel because it is so close to my new digs.  This casual dining chain offers up lots of cajun spice, some of which are too good to pass up. You name it they bring it! Some of my favorites include boiled shrimp and crawfish (yes I eat them like a true New Orleanian), shrimp and fish any way you like it, and a ton of good drinks. How about this one for some eye candy. A classic New Orleans drink - the Hurricane! Sooo good, two of these and I'm good for the night! Maybe a little "too good".  

2). Two Tone Bib Necklace - Can we talk about this necklace, PLEASE? I've held on to this thing for years and never wore it until now. While it's an oldie but goodie, right now all I can say is that it's one of my faves. Since I've been back, I've been trying to recapture my style and my efforts are coming along nicely. Trust me, I will bore you with more of my style evolution soon and you WILL see this in heavy rotation, no matter how old it is :).

3). Digital Progressive Lens - Okay ladies, if you're anything like me, once you hit 4.0 you began to notice that you are squinting a lot more. Well now at 4.2, I've gone a bit beyond squinting and according to my optometrist while I'm not for bifocals I am in need of an alternative progressive option. He then introduced me to a digital progressive lense, let me tell you I never want to take these off. With the addition of this super cool Tory Burch frame, I don't like taking these off. Not only are things super clear just as if I were watching an IMAX movie, but I feel so stylish when I wear them. I have received so many compliments, they are an all-around winner.

4). Kona Grill - North Park -  They say that all folks do here in Dallas is shop and eat. I can't dispute this by one bit, hence the two eateries posted on today's favs and trust me a shopping post will come.  Speaking of shopping, one of my favorites go to spots after a day of shopping at North Park Mall is Kona Grill. My go to is their Chicken Satay.... Grilled to perfection, served on a bed of Asian slaw, with a side of peanut sauce. OMG, can you say heaven?! Pair it with a nice margarita on the rocks and you're set.

Thank you for taking the time out to visit my blog. While I've had one of the longest breaks ever, I look forward to getting back to posting, not only my Fri-Yay faves but lots of other gems that speaks to mid-life. Stay tuned!



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