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"The fear of not being enough and the fear of being too much is the exact same fear. 
The fear of being you."

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's taught us that life is way too short and we only get one shot at this one. With us winding down on this nightmare of a year, it's the perfect time to course correct. Shift our minds out of limiting beliefs, discouraging ideals, and "untruths" that people have forced us to believe about ourselves. 

We all have witnessed the tragedies of this pandemic, the sudden loss of loved ones, jobs, realities, and our overall way of life gone just like that. Tomorrow is not promised friends. We have to stop being afraid of who we really are. Tell me, why fear? 

Each and everyone of us were born in this world with a gift and assignment. Some may be larger than others, but in reality there's not one single gift/talent that is deemed greater than the other. Let's stop allowing that stupid inner voice, the negative Nancy's and or Jeff's have a say in what our tomorrow will look like.  

You've got one shot to Be who and what God has called you to Be. The truth is that you may not Be for everyone, and trust me, that is ALL RIGHT. You don't have to be (exist in this world) for anyone else, but you've got to Be because you're supposed to be - even if it's just for you. 

I'm talking to myself right now. If you've visited here before I've been running around in circles trying to figure this thing out. With all that's gone on in my life, starting and stopping, trying to find my voice when it's been here the whole time. I've been afraid of "Being", feeling like I too am a bit much and in some cases not enough. That way of thinking is going out the door along with all of the stress and heartbreak that 2020 has brought with it. I'm not saying this or life will be perfect, but easing out of a self inflicting fear is sure to be the start of something better. That something that is just right for me. 

So let's start fresh in 2021. Who's with me? 

Outfit Details: This is the most comfortable jumpsuit ever. Visit www.pynkmannequin.com to get yours! It's a cutie for cold and warm weather. The cardigan is a Target find from last year by Knox Rose collection. I was never a sneaker girl until well comfort season. These platform #Airforce1s are one of my favs.

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