Never Say Never: Giving Into A Style Trend


What's one trend you told yourself that you would absolutely not jump in on? 

I'll go first - THE SHACKET. It reminded me of work shirts that I used to see on men growing up. Big, unstructured, and totally not my style... Wait, wait, before you start bashing me. I've got to admit they were always such a vibe on everyone else. BUT, when my little 5'4 self would try one on, I'd get lost in the fabric. I mean, drowning in it. Like I'd put on one of my hubby's shirts, but not in a cool way. It would literally swallow my whole body so I swore off the trend... I mean I said NEVA- EVA. 

Then comes my BFF, Zara. Good old Zara always hyping a girl up. While pursuing their latest sale, I came across this beauty. Just sitting pretty on the rack saying, "Hey girl, Heeeey.. try me!" So, as the nice friendly person that I am, I said - umkay.. I mean, why not. When I looked up, all I saw was egg on my face, but underneath a big smile. This one was different. A bit more structured and my frame wasn't getting lost by any means! It was a total score and one I plan on taking into the spring. 

The moral of the story, as the old saying goes... Never, SAY, NEVAH!  Now, run don't walk because these sell out quick. If you can't find it in your style or want to find a cheaper version/dupe. I've got you covered  Zara Shacket Dupes, thank me later! 

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