Ways to Stay Fit and Fabulous This Summer


For many of us, working out can be a chore and a time-consuming one at that. I feel that the best way to stay in shape is by doing things you already enjoy. In this way, you have the benefit of working out plus the emotional rejuvenation of doing something that brings you joy. Let’s explore some options, shall we?.

Go for a Walk with Friends

Once or twice a week, it’s a great idea to gather with your besties and head out for a neighborhood walk or trek along the trails. Walking is ideal for women over 40 to build stamina, enhance endurance, and strengthen your legs.

Create a Serene Yoga Space

Yoga is one of the best methods to increase flexibility, improve range of motion, and optimize health overall. It is a low-impact activity that nearly anyone can do, regardless of weight, age, or fitness level. It’s the perfect fitness endeavor for women over 40.

Explore Your City Via Afternoon Bike Rides

Most of us rely upon our vehicles to get around. Yet there is something rewarding about running errands on your bike. Bike riders often find hidden gems along the way and are able to explore unique parts of the city that are inaccessible by car. Not only that but bike riding provides you with fresh air, a good leg workout, and scenic views to relax the mind. Fitness over 40 doesn’t’ have to be a chore; bike riding is an all-around great way to spend your free time.

Become a Stair Master

Want to have amazing legs while also building endurance? Running up and down stairs is a great and natural way to get the legs you’ve always wanted. Stair running also tightens your core and is a great workout for the heart. Do it regularly, and you will be pleased with the results. The next time you’re tempted to take the elevator, opt for the stairs instead.

Go Dancing

Many people agree that dancing is by far the best form of exercise. Dancing enhances coordination, balance, agility, and endurance; it’s great for the heart and melts fat while utilizing every muscle in your body. Dancing is a great way to stay young. It’s fun too. As you dance the night away, you won’t even think about all the exercise you’re getting. All you’ll care about is how great you feel in the moment.

Remember to Find Enjoyment in the Simple Things

Working out is one of those things we do for ourselves to feel our best. When we work out regularly, we have more energy to direct toward the things we are passionate about, and we have improved mental clarity to achieve our goals.

The key to sticking with your exercise routines is to stay focused on what you want to accomplish. It’s a good idea to write down your fitness goals and perhaps post these goals in a visible area. Also, have a structured routine. Make working out a regular habit and set aside a designated time to enrich yourself.

What fitness activities do you love to do? Share your comments with us below. 

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