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Every time Friday rolls around I get super excited to share my faves with you! This week was no different. With the temperature dropping I've decided to dive into some of my cold weather favorites for this post. I have to admit, I find that this series motivates me to keep going even when I want to give up. On top of that, as I prepare these little weeklies, they tend to spark ideas for future content. It's a win-win for my blog goals and I get to continue to share with you guys. Hang in there with me guys, I promise, there's much more to come from PolkaDotTheory™.  Now enjoy this week's Faves!


 1). Perfume:  In my younger years (20's), I never considered myself as perfume girl. I would tend to opt for clean smelling spritzers and lotions but totally stayed away from brand perfumes. Well that wasn't until the day I found myself on a random elevator and this woman got on. Dressed in a black chic outfit with classic pumps, her hair was arranged in a neat bun, I almost felt a girl crush coming on and then it hit me. As she settled into her spot, a short breeze followed, it was filled with such a sweet scent of goodness.  "Oh my word", I thought to myself, "who is this woman and what in the hell is she wearing?" I'm not one to strike up small talk, so I got to the point. I had to ask, "what perfume are you wearing?" She graciously revealed the scent that sent me running to my nearest department store to purchase.  Oh thank you Chic Mysterious Good Smelling Goddess!

I find that I wearing perfume in the winter makes the cold a bit more bearable and life more interesting. There's something about the cold weather mixing with sweet aromas that tend to make me feel all warm inside. What's your favorite scent?

2). Moisture, Moisture, Moisture: Speaking of winter and the cold weather, I don't know about you but my skin goes through the motions in the cold. As I continue to age, I find that my need to keep my skin hydrated is even more important. Therefore during the winter I to ensure that I am keeping my skin moisturized to avoid dehydration, which leads to what - you said it - wrinkles.

Here are a couple of the products that rescue me from drying out all year round. While this is my core set of products for hydration, I add on a bit more as the weather gets cold and dry. I'm penning a post that talks more about these products and for tips on how to keep your skin hydrated to maintain a youthful glow. 

 3). Full Bodied Reds: First all who doesn't enjoy a good Wine Down? We all know some of the benefits of a good glass of wine, which I will save for another post. But I have to confess...  I love, love, love wine, red wines, especially in the winter.

When the temps begin to drop, I look forward to getting cozy with a good ole full bodied red. Gone are the days when I settle for any old glass of wine, I tend to lean towards Shiraz, Syrah, and Malbecs. While I'm continuing to expand my knowledge of wineries and the best brands, the Delectable Wine App has become a handy tool in this journey. I encourage you to check out this app, it's free and it has a snap-and-seek tool, which gives you the run down on a wine based on a snapshot from your phone. How cool is that?

4). A Very Good Read: What pairs well with a good glass of wine? Not only cheese, but a good book. Pair the two with a cozy corner and it's a great evening. There's nothing like settling into a good book while sipping on a good glass. Speaking of a good read, stay tuned for my "What I'm Reading" Series, coming soon on the blog.

As always, thank you for taking the time out to visit. Now it's your turn, tell me what are some of your favorite go to's for the cold weather season?

Happy Weekend!

xo xo,


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