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(From l to r: Russian Red, Ruby Woo, and Lady Danger.) 

One of my goals this year is to wear lipstick more often. While I do have a variety of shades on hand, I tend to forgo it on a daily basis. I believe that I'm scarred from my catholic high school days, those nuns at St. Mary's Academy were not having it!

So instead of jumping into my entire lipstick collection, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite reds to inspire those that may be in a similar position. If you're like me, a red lip can be a bit intimidating at first as some shades can be a bit overbearing. Not to mention the wrong color can drown out your complexion or even worse, make you look ooooold! 

But there's hope my friend! It took me a while to get comfortable wearing some of these but I think I found my stride and you can too. Mac Cosmetics continues to be my go-to brand for a great lippie, and as far as reds go, my favorites are what Allure Magazine once called the holy trinity. Let's get into it, shall we? 

First up is Russian Red - I stumbled across this one when I was very intimidated by wearing the others. This red is my go-to for a casual red lip. If I wore red every day, this would be the one. It's not too bold and as far as reds go not overbearing. The color high lights my skin tone nicely and doesn't flatten out my complexion. 

Another fave is the all so famous, Ruby Woo - Now who doesn't love this color? I got turned on to this one circa 2013 when Rhianna launched her Riri Woo version and I haven't looked back. This one gives off a very very matte look that I love. It gives off a very bold/statement look that I tend to opt for this one for nights out. 

Lastly, is Lady Danger, the name speaks for itself doesn't it? This one is more of a summer red for me, as it carries more orange tones to it and goes great with a nice brown complexion, (me after a full day in the sun). It's bright and fun gives off a nice whimsical look. Looking forward to cracking this one open come June!

There you have it, my go to reds. What are some of your favorite red lippies? Share in the comments!! 

As always thank you for taking the time out to visit my blog! More to come...


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