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Walking into 2020 feeling reFRESHed! 

I'm so happy that I took it easy these last couple of days. That R&R got me off on a good start I must say! Don't get me wrong now, like many of you, I'm kicking off 2020 with some goals in mind. Not resolutions, but actual goals. Attainable goals with action plans to get there.

Not only am I looking to stepping things up a notch on this blog and IG, but setting goals personally, professionally, and spiritually. And if you don't mind, I'll be sharing the details on some of these as the months go by as well as looping you in on my progress. I'm counting on you all to keep me on my toes... Hello accountability partners!

Getting this blog up and running has been a desire of mine for a very long time (hence the starts and stops of prior years). There's so much I want to do here, as the idea of having my little space on the web to tap into suppressed creative energy is well worth the hard work and effort it takes to maintain and keep it going. With that being said, I hope that you decide to hang in there with me as I get this thing going!

(Outfit Deets: Thermal Tee - Target; Belt and Skinny Jeans - Gap; Lace-Up Boots - Steve Madden; Blanket Scarf - Forever21)

Now, how about we get into this look, shall we? Let me share with you a coveted closet staple and one of my favorite go to's for mild winter days - The Blanket Scarf. 

I posted this exact scarf a while back on IG, which goes to show how the Blanke Scarf stands the test of time. Belting it over a thick long-sleeved thermal tee, jeans, and knee-high boots makes for a chic pulled together weekend look. 

What are some of your coveted closet staples for winter? Share in the comment box below! And as always, thank you for visiting!


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