5 Ways to Feel Your Best After 40


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The world likes to tell us that as we age it’s time to slow down. But that’s not for everyone. Some people want to continue to thrive, while others are ok with starting to take it a bit slower. Either way, If you want to feel your best after 40 then follow the tips below for some of the best ways to enhance your life whether you’re ready to start taking it slow or continue full speed ahead.

Be Social

By the time you hit your 40’s you probably have those lifelong friends that you’ve grown with over the years. But are you spending time with them? We’re all so busy all the time that it can be easy to blow off spending time with friends, but it’s so good for our souls to spend time with people we truly care about.

Some people have big families they love to spend time with while some really enjoy spending time with their coworkers. Whoever you like to spend time with, make plans! Your 40’s is the perfect time to have an active, thriving social life.

Move Your body

Though it’s important throughout your whole life to be active if you haven’t picked up the habit yet you can still start after your 40s. Finding ways to be more active and move your body will give you energy and make those aches and pains that come with aging a little less prominent. Taking care of your body in your 40s and 50s will help you even more later in life when you have that foundation built up.

However, don’t think that moving your body means you have to join a gym or take a boot, camp-style class. If you love being in nature, you can start taking weekend hikes. Some other good options are at-home yoga or pilates, finding a group of neighborhood friends to walk with, spending time in the garden, or just committing to taking your dog for a walk in the morning and at night each day. Moving your body doesn’t have to be strenuous to be beneficial for your mental and physical health.

Fuel your body

In addition to moving your body, make sure that you’re fueling your body. Not just feeding, but fueling. Of course, make sure that you’re eating food that you truly enjoy. But mix that up with making sure you’re giving your body the fuel it needs.

If you find your metabolism slowing down, or that you’re not tolerating certain foods the same way you used to, listen to your body. By fueling your body with nutrient-dense foods, along with foods that you just love, you should be able to find a great balance of feeling great and enjoying what you eat.

Try new things

As we go through life our interests change and I’m sure you’ve come across new things that you’ve wanted to try. Maybe you didn’t have the time or thought it was silly to take on something new. Take this time to try new things! New foods, travel to new places, take some classes, and just immerse yourself in things that are brand new experiences for you.

Take care of your skin

If you want to feel your best as you age, taking care of your skin is important. As we get older, one of the places we start to feel a little more self-conscious about is the signs of aging on our skin. Although they are simply normal signs that we’ve lived a beautiful life up until now, not everyone enjoys having wrinkles or spots that they feel make them look older.

By caring for your skin you can reduce the effects of time, the sun, etc. by finding what works best for your skin. Making sure you keep covered and apply sunscreen when you’re out is the bare minimum and just fine for some people. But if you’re looking for a little more, there are a lot of types of skincare out there from creams to more advanced procedures that can keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful.

Feeling good after 40 isn’t hard. It feels a little different than before your 40s, but you now also have the life that you’ve lived to help guide you to feeling good and being happy. 

So cheers to what can be the best time of your life! 

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